The O’Steen Bros. Pit is located just west of Gainesville in Archer, Florida.  Not only does it give our company immediate access to the highest quality materials, but it also assures us that the land is managed responsibly.

ADDRESS OF PIT: 20125 S.W. Archer Road, Archer, FL 32618

The products we offer at our site include landscape rocks, different grades of topsoil, lime rock, fill dirt, and landfill cover. O’Steen Brothers uses this pit for fill dirt and topsoil for our clients, and the pit site is also open to the public to purchase such materials and as a clean debris landfill.

Of the 572 acres we own, the company has mined almost 85 acres in the 22 years the pit has been operational. The pit is 30 to 35 feet deep at its deepest point. All unmined land is planted with pines, and we strive to manage the property in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

Long before the concept of sustainability hit mainstream business, O’Steen Brothers figured out that careful stewardship of the pit, salvaging, saving, and reusing were easy on the environment and our clients’ bottom lines. We use recycled concrete collected from job sites to make gravel that can be used in a variety of projects. We separate accumulated asphalt and use it to build all necessary roads throughout the pit site. Lime rock is reused as the base mineral for many new projects to help provide a more solid foundation. Sandy clay we’ve salvaged is used to create riding arenas and horse barns throughout North Central Florida.

We pride ourselves on being good neighbors to our community and responsible to our planet.

Products You Can Buy at Our Pit:

Fill dirt (Archer Fill) – Meets standards for contamination remediation & landfill cover, topsoil, sandy clay, limerock, gravel, recycled concrete gravel, concrete stabilizer, landscape rock, recycled asphalt (millings/rap), and rip rap rock.

Products We Can Take at our Pit:

Clean debris/land clearing landfill soil – any type of uncontaminated soil, sand, clay, muck, concrete, including concrete with embedded pipe or steel, brick, rock, glass, ceramics and stabilizer.

Archer Sand Mine Technical Specs